“Viral Style: Maria ke Fisherman Talks Rave-shaped Typography And Fashion In 3013″

Lanzado en 2011 por María Lemus y Víctor Alonso, la marca reúne tecnología y textiles con impresiones high-vis y líneas súper sexys que se funden cada vez más con el Internet en cada nueva temporada. Sus diseños han generado una gran atención, desde Vogue España a el último show de Brooke Candy.


“In 100 years, people will wear digital clothes. Humankind won’t be as we know today, their consciences will have been transferred to a global computer that lets them live eternally, ethereally. “Fashion” won’t be about clichés or seasons.”


“We love using a computer for details and to design. This is good and bad because when using vector design software you can zoom to infinity—which means creating kind of fractal designs which get more and more complicated in the smallest pieces, meaning a lot of extra work for the dressmakers. The result is worth it when you look closer though. We work with positional digital printing too, using digital patterns and positioning prints in each piece. This allows us to create complex and developed stories in each look.”



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