Viva Playboy !!!! se dicen fácil pero ya son 60 años de la creación de la firma que nos a deleitado la pupila con las mejores fotos, reportajes y notas de todo el mundo ,para festejarlo los fotógrafos Mert Alas & Marcus Piggott retrataron para la edición especial del 60 aniversario a Katherine Ann Moss mejor conocida como Kate Moss que sinceramente no refleja sus 40 años:









Kate Mosss has truly done it again, when posing for the famous photographer duo Mert & Marcus in the January/February 2014 issue of the well known men’s magazine.

Like a classic Chanel, the legendary Kate Moss will never go out of style. Not only has she conquered the fashion scene, she has now taken on Hugh Hefner’s favorite costume and skyrocket it to fashion heaven.

In the hands of the visual photographer duo, known for their digital distorting images and incredible passion for capturing high powered women.

The stylist Alex White stayed true to the magazines signature look, has made sure to set free all of Miss Moss’ inner bunnies and combined them with sensual lingerie and killer heels.

Getting the privilege to get near this legend’s facial features is make-up artist Lucia Pieroni, from an innocent looking day make to a more passionate evening glow, Pieroni brings out all of Moss’ seductive expressions.

With the help from Mert & Marcus’ visual art Kate Moss can proudly jump her way to the top, once again.

Text from harddayco.com


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